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We are a Husky Rescue & Northern Breed non-profit rescue located in Pennsylvania (PA). There are many people in Saudi Arabia who have misunderstood Islam & think it’s prohibited to have dogs inside the house. They also don’t have the culture to understand that a dog is “family.” Dogs are usually bought because they’re “cute with blue eyes” or “fluffy.” Most of the time people do not realize that this fluffy dog is double coated & needs a colder climate or that this cute dog with blue eyes is a working dog & needs LOT OF exercise! Therefore, once the novelty wears off, these dogs are abandon.

Due to lack of organizations, & since Saudi Arabia has NO shelters AT ALL, rescuers usually struggle with fosters, & funding. It is illegal to raise money for these animals, once they are abandon. The best way to rescue these northern breeds is to send them where they belong, to a more suitable environment. Once they are shipped to the US, they will have a good family who can provide them with a home, love & the care that they deserve. 3 Husketeers Rescue is passionate about saving these Huskies & Northern Breeds.

Procedure to take Pets out of Saudi Arabia. Proper formalities & procedures have to be followed. The procedure comprises of several steps including registration, medical test, payment of charges, & other related issues have to be resolved. There is also a need to fulfill documentation requirements before taking pets out of Kingdom. Please us call today for more information about our husky rescue.

Saudi Humane Society

~~ Aahd Kadiri ~~

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3 Husketeers - Non-Profit Husky Rescue